MQ-2000 PT

Automates d’analyse de l'hémoglobine glyquée en HPLC

MQ-2000 PT


HPLC method – “Gold Standard” of HbA1c test
Touch screen and intuitive user interface
Automatic sample loading
1.5mL whole blood/ 10uL diluted blood needed
Automatic identify sample type
Cap puncture function
2.6 minutes per test, 50 tests per shift
20,000 data storage with chromatography, connect with LIS/HIS system


Principle : High pressure ion exchange liquid chromatography
Analysts : HbA1c, HbA1ab, HbA0, HbF
Sample volume : Whole blood 1.5mL, diluted blood 10uL
Sample loading capacity : On board capacity 50 samples
Testing time : ≤ 2.5 minutes/test
Testing range : HbA1c 4%-17%
Precision (CV) : ≤ 2%
System operation environment : Temperature 15-30℃, Humidity 10-80%
Size (L x W x H) : 610mm x 500mm x 410mm
Weight : 28kg
Power supply : AC220/240V, 50-60HZ,<100VA
Display : 320x240 LCD graphic display
Printer : 58mm thermal printer
Memory : 20,000 reports (including chromatography curve)
Communication interface : RS232 data port
Photometer : 415nm LED integral flow colorimeter
Reagent matching : 1 piece of column and reagent consumable for 800 tests
Reagent allocation : Elution buffer A, B, hemolytic agent H
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